About Me

I have been a fine artist and ancient art expert for twenty years.

I founded Ibis Arts in 1998 to provide freelance scholarly research and data management in the field of ancient Mediterranean art.

A few years ago, I was re-introduced to video games by my son and became an avid gamer. It eventually dawned on me that I was looking at the games I played with an artist’s eye. This was really exciting! As an installation artist, I was interested in the emotive power of space; how a mood or story can be conveyed to an audience merely by standing or moving (or being manipulated) through a particular environment. I finally felt I found a profession that would perfectly combine all my interests and skills. So I took an online course and, in 2013, received a 2nd BFA in Video Game Design.

Founder of the Game Arts Collective, NYC   2018

a collaborative space where students and industry professionals come together to learn all the disciplines that go into making a video game. 


I am currently active on the NYC Indie game scene as freelance Environmental Artist and Instructor.